Data Security Software Market Demonstrates Positive Trends

Today data room market is one of the fastest-growing among all information security tools. Data rooms are commonly understood as software products that provide companies with a secure data repository and collaborative workspace. So, how secure this software solution is?

The tendencies of the information security market

Information technology has dramatically changed business models and concepts. Big data, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, mobility, virtual reality have become an integral part of our lives. At the same time, the risks have also grown. Today, the loss of data can often cause a company much more damage than the loss of money.

Every industry requires information security solutions. The general trend of the last few years, which continues to grow, is the transition to integrated security management. One important benefit of integrated security management, especially identity and access management, is to support new and strengthen existing business initiatives. For example, an integrated identity and access management solution like a virtual data room (VDR) has many benefits, including protecting assets and services from unauthorized access and other threats, which improves the efficiency of the IT environment by automating many administrative processes and improving compliance. In addition, such software provides the infrastructure to grow your business by acquiring new customers with the ease of deploying new applications and services, strengthening relationships with existing customers with an improved user experience, and developing new partner ecosystems and more efficient supply chains.

There is another global trend in the development of information security – the expansion of the use of hardware and software. A significant market share is occupied by both authentication systems and cryptographic solutions. Authentication was one of the first security technologies to appear, but interest in it does not fade away.

Virtual data room – the most secure alternative for business management

Modern VDRs at have a wide functionality, which is used to automate workflow, office work, business process management, and control of executive discipline in organizations. Of course, today the efficiency of the organization as a whole depends on the prompt processing of documents, the speed of informing employees, compliance with deadlines in the performance of tasks. The area of use of the VDR has no restrictions on the number of employees and the volume of documents. This is a useful tool for both a small organization and a large holding with a network of branches.

Due to the unique fragmented structure of the VDR building, data, information, and personal data are stored in different places. This allows you to implement reliable schemes for restricting access to information.

To ensure the security of modern business applications, including VDR systems, several approaches are used:

  • Data encryption

VDR is built as a SaaS service and hosted on cloud servers in large data centers. Data transfer is carried out using an encrypted SSL protocol. Customer and company data remain available only to you, third parties cannot access it.

  • Online data recovery

Every hour, a backup copy of the data of the client company VDR is created on external media. This allows you to ensure the safety of information regardless of the circumstances. If an unexpected system failure occurs, it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to restore the full operation of the platform.

  • Data access control

Access to data and servers is strictly regulated and is in the hands of the technical department management only. The security of data storage is given special attention in the data room system. You can flexibly distribute access rights between employees for different types and groups of contacts, objects, deals.