How to scan your Smart TV for viruses

Viruses can threaten not only computers but also other devices connected to the Internet, such as TVs. So, in this article, we will discuss how to check TV on viruses.

Viruses on TV are an inevitable reality

Televisions with enhanced Smart functionality have gained wide popularity among users and occupied a wide segment in the modern TV market. The prevalence of “smart” models is easy to explain. A large number of online services, support for useful applications, games, the ability to play streaming video – all this turns an ordinary TV into a multifunctional multimedia center. However, excessive modernization of televisions, as well as the creation of support for postal and social services, inevitably lead to the emergence of additional threats in the form of viruses.

Most Internet users have already faced the unpleasant consequences of a virus infecting their computer. Loss of passwords from mail, brakes, glitches, and other problems can be observed. Today, few people think about it yet, but there are already viruses that are aimed at infecting TVs. Regular models are out of danger, but Smart TVs definitely fall into the risk zone.

From a theoretical point of view, this is quite possible, because malicious viruses can penetrate the software of smart TV through Wi-Fi and LAN. Almost all models of smart TVs run on the Linux platform, and this eliminates any possibility of infection. But there are exceptions, it’s Samsung Smart and some other models of Korean TVs that use the operating system created on the Android platform.

There is also LG running Open webOS. This operating system is built into the TV set and does not have a file system – it does not need antivirus protection. If you connect through computer equipment, then there is no threat, because antivirus is installed there that will not let malicious software through.

How to check?

So, the guide consists of a few simple steps. You need to do the following:

  • Go to TV settings and select “General”.
  • Select “System Management” and find “Smart Security” in the list.
  • Click the “Scan” button there and wait for the process to complete.

On the question of whether antivirus is needed for Smart TV, many confidently answer that no. But Samsung Smart TV apps hack is a common thing, as it runs on the Android system. The probability of being hacked is only possible due to a day 0 attack, but the likelihood of such an event is minimized.

Antivirus for Smart TV is a special software designed to check the device for the presence of malware. Such software works on the principle of protecting a PC, phone, laptop, or other equipment. The question is whether there is a need for such protection, because non-standard software is installed on the TV, and OS scanning is limited. Below we will talk about this topic in more detail.

There are a lot of questions about how to choose an antivirus for your Samsung Smart TV. It is important to focus on several criteria here:

  • Compliance with the installed OS.
  • The presence of the necessary functionality.
  • The ability to install and use the application.
  • We note right away that the choice of such applications is limited.

Among the commonly used applications are: CHOMAR Smart TV Security, ESET Smart TV, and

Safe Watch TV.