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VPNSecure Review

VPNSecure Review 2019 ? Read This Guide Before Any Plan Subscription

VPN helps to improve your online privacy and to unblock sites. You have to measure the quantities and qualities that a VPN is offering. In this article has the title ?VPNSecure Review? I shall tell about its performance, privacy log, speed, servers and prices of different plans. After that, you can easily judge that either VPNSecure meets your requirements or not. Let take a deep dive.

VPNSecure Features

VPNSecure is a private internet VPN with a wide range of locations and services. Being VPNSecure user you do not need any extra configuration so it is great for new users. Their open VPN client is available for different devices. You can use them on Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS. They are zero log provider. Besides this, their navigation and configuration are quite simple. VPNSecure has stealth VPN feature which increases your anonymity by using Obfsproxy while online browsing.

Their advance configuration options allow you to add OpenVPN. You can connect with SOCKS or HTTP servers.

VPNSecure Speed and Performance

Speed and performance might be the most interesting VPNSecure review that most users look for. I tested their speed on different devices by connecting with different servers of major locations. I found that my connection speed reduced a bit but it was still good as I was able to browse fast.

Note that, VPNSecure increased ping too much so, do not use it while online gaming. If you are a gamer, you may know that ping matters while playing games on the internet. But I think almost all the VPNs give alike results in the case of ping. Back to the point, their speed and performance is good for browsing and downloading any sort of content.

VPNSecure Review of Locations and Servers

VPNSecure or simply VPN.S is Australia based private internet VPN provider established in 2010. They provide 79 servers from 48 countries including all the major ones. All their servers support popular protocols like HTTP, SOCKS, OpenVPN, SSH, and Smart VPN.

Privacy and Security

Like all the popular virtual private networks (VPNs) VPNSecure review is also good when it comes to user privacy and security. They claim zero logs. Read their own words about users privacy:

Our private VPN access servers are monitored. They?re access controlled, and we are the only ones that operate them ? no one else.  They do not permanently store IP addresses, nor do they store logs.

From VPNSecure Privacy Policy

They do not store any data of user like IP Address, browsing history which is great for privacy. Finally, you are connected with the internet as anonymous.

Price and Plans

Finally, you have reached the bottom. They offer three types of plans which include monthly, 6 months and 12 months. You can subscribe month plan at the cost of $9.95, 6 months plan cost $8.32/month while 12 months plan’s cost is $6.66/month. You can also claim your money back within 15 days.

Along with all their packages, they offer mobile VPN for iOS and Android, HTTP proxy, access to all servers in 48 countries, and OpenVPN. Now it is over to you.

All their packages have the same features but the prices differ from each other. Choose 12 months plan which will be less costly. Alternatively, get 2 days free trial and experience their performance yourself.


Above was an honest VPNSecure review. Surely, it will be helpful. Now you clearly know about their features, prices, and performance. Besides, it?s many pros, it also has some cons like some servers are slow, no app server status and no Netflix for US servers. If it can fulfill your requirements then go and subscribe to a plan.