New Names in Art

Art-connoisseurs always look for new artists and names that can make history. In fact, many blogs, sites, and magazines do the same. You may check fresh art news and come across many unfamiliar names yet. Galleries promote aspiring artists bringing new trends and shaping the art as we see it. Artists create something groundbreaking that no one has ever done. Today, we’ll learn where one can find the most interesting and useful information about the new names in art.

Three main types of sources

First of all, one needs to decide the way he wants to get the news. There are three main ways. One of them is to follow themed blogs. Another choice is to read trusted well-established art websites and online magazines. Finally, in case you prefer to listen to the news, TED Talks can be a perfect solution. 

Why blogs?

People who don’t have a background in art or special education sometimes find it hard to understand publications made by professionals and for professionals. That’s why some bloggers make art blogs that spread the news about the new exhibitions, art-related storied, and artists in simpler language, so to say. For instance, a person should greatly enjoy blogs like Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, The Zine, etc. They do not only teach us more about art but inspire us to create and use imagination. 

Art news sites

On the other hand, you might also like reading online art magazines. They have different kinds of content and more exclusive scoops on upcoming events like gallery openings, new displays, etc. They also often introduce and promote new artists. One of them is the charming Neri Oxman. 

Who Is Neri Oxman and Why You Must Know This Name

An American-Israeli designer and MIT Media Lab professor, Neri Oxman. She is a well-established artist who combines design, biology, computing, and engineering. Her works have made her one of the most influential architects in the world. In 2014, she won the Vilcek Prize. So far, she has over a dozen awards. She uses 3D printing and fabrication techniques. Oxman’s works were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, Boston’s Museum of Science, and other places. Netflix devoted an episode in its documentary to her. She appeared in the second episode of the second season in Abstract: The Art of Design. 

Other names you ought to know

If you consider yourself an art lover, you must know Matthew Wong, Dasha Zhukova, Agnes Martin, and Toshio Saeki.

To learn more about these people and art in general, one should check out Frieze, Artnews, Whitehot Magazine, etc. They are the most reputable and have the most to offer to their readers. 

The third option you might want to try

Youth often prefers to listen to news than to read it. That’s why TED Talks is so popular nowadays. Experts and experienced well-established people share their opinions, explain things, and educate viewers from all across the globe. The site has a dedicated section to art. Dozens of speakers explain the power of art, new trends, and old mysteries. 

Bottom line

Art lovers have so many great ways to learn more about this world. Aside from numerous documentaries and visits to galleries, museums, people can turn to trusted sources of art news. The sites and blogs mentioned here deliver the most versatile and exciting information, articles, essays, and reviews.