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Identity Guard Family Plan Reviews

Securing the protection of one’s identity is an important step before going online. Many people don’t fully grasp the amount of personal information they share on the Internet. Cybercriminals can steal use it and for malicious purposes. That’s why services like the ones we’ll discuss below have become so popular. In today’s Identity Guard family plan reviews, we will go over the main features and tools a family gets when choosing Identity Guard.

Top 3 things a person should know about the company

First of all, you should know that Identity Guard protects the user’s personal information and identity. This includes the SSN, DOB, credit information, addresses, etc. the service was created to prevent the loss of sensitive data to cybercriminals. Preventing identity theft is easier when it’s stopped at the early stages.

Secondly, the service sends immediate notifications as soon as suspicious activities are detected. It gives time to reach legal support and act accordingly. This is also an opportunity to prevent bigger problems.

Thirdly, the Identity Guard stands out from the rest using the IBM Watson. This artificial intelligence creates the corpus of knowledge and adds new data from various sources. As soon as this AI detects a vulnerability or data theft, it sends a notification to the user. Now a user has to define if that is not a real threat or resolve the issue.

Family plans and what they offer

Identity Guard offers three main plans for families. They are Value, Total, and Premier. Each plan covers all family members. Let’s take a quick look at each option:

  1. Value Plan monitors identity. It also delivers risk management score, and has up to $1 million in insurance;
  2. Total Plan monitors identity & credit information. It delivers risk management scores, brings monthly credit score, and has up to $1 million in insurance;
  3. Premier Plan is the most luxurious option from this company. It includes all the services mentioned above and adds credit reports, social media monitoring, and bank account monitoring.

These plans can also be used by individuals. It’ll be the same bundles of features but cheaper.

Other things you should take into account

Customer support

The team of experts can efficiently assist users in dealing with some issues. Since the main office is located in the USA, the experts are available only during business days and hours. On Saturdays, they work till 6 pm, and Sundays are off.


Identity Guard, like most similar companies, offers insurance. As a rule, it goes up to $1 million and exists to reimburse legal consulting, wage loss, and some other items when applicable.

User experience

The service doesn’t bother users with tons of details. It only draws attention to the urgent things that need intrusion. For instance, a potential loss of one’s identity or real threat to one’s personal information. Mind that some notifications a user gets can be the real user’s activities. It’s just whenever a user does something not typical, the system reacts to that.

The verdict

While Identity Guard is not the most affordable solution for family identity protection, it’s one of the most popular ones. 

All in all, using this software is very convenient and simple. The interface and most settings are adjustable and customizable delivering a unique experience. Keep in mind that there is no money-back guarantee or fraud alerts with credit bureaus.